Where Can You Buy Fake Belly Button Rings?

If you are ready to drive or walk to a brick and mortar store that sells novelty items, then you should soon discover one answer to the question, “Where can you buy fake belly button rings?” Both novelty shops and businesses that offer “bobbles” frequently have these make believe accessories in stock.

However, if you should decide to purchase something from a retailer who sells novelties or “bobbles,” then you should avoid buying a piece with a large clip. Such a clip could bruise the skin, especially if it is a spiral type of clip. Besides, a ring with a smaller clip always looks more stylish.

If you prefer to shop online for some great looking non-piercing belly button rings, then you might start by entering the phrase “illusion fake naval jewelry” in a search engine. That clue should lead you to an extensive collection of rings in assorted colors. This site has a ring that can fit any naval. In addition, it posts some important information – only FDA certified colors have been used in the dye used to color each ring.

If you fail to find something that suits you in the collection produced by entering the term “illusion fake naval jewelry” then you do not have to give up hope for finding the perfect accessory. You can uncover even more possibilities by using another clue. Place the phrase “fake piercings” in your search engine.

Those who do take a look at the sites produced by entering the term “fake piercings” should expect to find details about more than clip on items. They should anticipate finding as well information on rings that get glued onto the skin. Certain other sites sell replacement glue. At either of those virtual locations, the buyer should look for evidence that the offered glue is both non-toxic and hypoallergenic.

Once someone has purchased some sort of glue-on ring, then he or she should watch for signs of skin irritation. Such signs indicate presence in the glue of a dangerous irritant. The appearance of such signs should motivate the ring’s wearer to remove it, using soap and water.

The mention of soap and water permits introduction of a comment or two about the importance of maintaining cleanliness while using any sort of naval ring. Even the person who has elected to wear a non-piercing accessory item should make sure that he or she has clean hands before touching that colorful piece.

A second caution that relates to fake belly button rings concerns those who plan to undergo a tummy tuck. That procedure can create changes in the belly button. Therefore it is best to delay the purchase of any sort of naval ring until after one has had the planned tummy tuck surgery. Naturally, a smart jewelry lover never tries to put a real or fake ring on a naval region that has not yet healed fully from any sort of abdominal operation. While a patient might be eager to display a tucked tummy, he or she would certainly not want to reveal evidence of infected skin in that same area.