Non-pierced Navel Jewelry By Carrie Fleharty

Trendy jewelry can be non-piercing, and very decorative. Most of us think about non-piercings as rings, clasp earrings, ear clip, a toe ring, a bracelet, chokers, necklaces, tie clasps, cuff links and other similar types of jewelry. We don’t often know that non-pierced navel jewelry is available. Yes, it is, and it’s quite fun. Just like the naval piercings, the non-pierced navel jewelry is equally fun, decorative and trendy. These pieces of non-pierced navel jewelry can be personalized, and individualized with your favorite gemstones, crystals, and other charms.

 Non-Pierced Trendy Jewelry

Navel jewelry is very popular and has been since the 1990s. For those of you who are unsure about what naval jewelry looks and feels like, then this non-pierced navel jewelry is the next best thing. You get the look and feel of navel jewelry without the trouble and the pain. The varieties and styles are just as diverse as their counterparts. The cost is inexpensive and your curiosity is solved.

Non-Pierced Earrings

The navel is usually pierced, but for those individuals who do not want to worry or feel the pain of having the belly button pierced available is a clip-on style. The clip works much like a clasp earring, but a little less bulky. Some of the non-pierced Navel Jewelry is glued onto the belly button. Both ways are equally popular, and they each have many designs for your individualistic style.

To purchase and find the many stores that have available these non-pierced naval jewelry are many. Some can be found in the regular piercing retail stores. There is always your trusty internet retail stores in which there are many. The best way to find these internet retail stores is by searching the terms: “non-pierced jewelry” or “non-pierced navel jewelry”, and sometimes “fake navel jewelry.” You’ll find a variety of stores and equally as many styles and designs. The good news about using Internet retail stores is the fact that you can see the different designs and styles without leaving your home.

Non-Piercing Snake Body Jewelry

Non-pierced navel jewelry can be erotic as well as stylistic. The non-pierced navel jewelry can be a dangle chain attached to other parts of the body such as nipples, clitoris, and the penis. These are for the fun at heart, the sexual intimate person, and the sexual role paying couple. The non-pierced navel jewelry will allow people to experiment with the erotic wild side of life, and not have to spend a whole lot of money on getting your navel pierced.

Non-Piercing Earring Clips

As I’ve mentioned above there are a variety of styles and designs. The styles in which is available are circular, some are stones or gems glued into the navel, some are dangles, some are chains, and some are elaborate. Some of the non-pierced navel jewelry is very elegant made with precious metals and stones. These metals are platinum, gold, silver, sterling silver, and others. Some of the stones are precious stones such as diamonds, pearls, sapphires, rubies, and others.

Clips Delicate Non-Pierced Earring

If you are the timid type and want to find out what it feels like to wear navel jewelry then try one of the non-pierced navel jewelry that’s available. You’ll find something you want, and very in-expensive and less trouble with no pain. Try to find non-pierced navel jewelry today, and be trendy.