Non-pierced Body Jewelry – Decorations for Pregnant Women

During pregnancy, as the body is constantly changing, it can be difficult to keep up with it. Your clothes will stop fitting properly, and you may be unsure as to what you are allowed to show, or what should be hidden. If you are proud of your growing belly, as many women now are, you can flaunt it with belly button rings. However, if you have never been pierced before, pregnancy is not the time to start. Your immune system is weakened during this time, so a piercing that becomes infected might lead to serious complications. Non-pierced body jewelry is a good alternative.

Non-Pierced Nipple Rings

With a fake belly button ring in place, you can still experience the same show stopping benefits that you would from a regular piercing. These are now available in a full range of different styles, colors, and materials, including precious gems and even diamonds. You could wear these for a photo shoot that documents your time in pregnancy, which is a fun side project many women undertake.

Non-Pierced rings

You could also wear non-pierced body jewelry for a night out on the town, when you feel like cutting loose but still showing off your pregnancy.

Comfort is a big issue for pregnant women, and in the later stages of pregnancy it can be difficult to feel comfortable as your belly keeps growing larger and larger. To combat this, non-pierced body jewelry has been designed to be more flexible than ever before. It can bend and stretch along with your body in some cases, so that you hardly even feel that it is in place. If it does start to feel uncomfortable, then you can simply take it out without worrying about any loose holes in your body, like you would with real piercings.

Clip-On Cartilage Earrings

These are all just a few things to take into consideration for pregnant women that want to give themselves an extra special treat. Looking cute while pregnant can be a challenge sometimes, but it’s generally better to flaunt what you have than try to hide anything during this time. Non-pierced body jewelry is a good way to get started with adorning your body and showing it the love that it deserves for performing such difficult tasks. These trendy jewelry items also make great gifts for moms to be, but be sure to choose a material that is comfortable and flexible when you are making this purchase.