Hollywood Body Jewelry

Since ancient times, men as well as women in different cultures have been wearing jewelry of different kinds on their bodies. Hollywood body jewelry has been gaining immense popularity in the recent times and people all around the world are catching upon one the latest trend that includes piercing the body. Hollywood jewelry is available online which has been especially designed for piercing as well as non piercing needs. Few years back only few parts of the body were pierced like the nose and ears especially.

Hollywood Body Piercing Jewelry

However in the recent times other parts of the body that were not pierced earlier are being pierced in the name of fashion as well as style. Depending upon the part of the body that needs a jewelry piece accordingly designs are becoming more innovative these days. The silversmiths as well as the goldsmiths commonly designed rings or studs earlier but in the recent times the rings and studs come in shapes that are very diverse in nature. Precious metals like silver, gold and platinum were popularly used the making of jewelry for the body before; today stainless steel and copper are also used.

A variety of materials are being used these days like stone, steel that is surgical in nature, bamboo, wood etc. Even knitted varieties are being used in Hollywood jewelry for the body. This jewelry is available in the piercing and non-piercing types and depending upon your choice you can accordingly decide which design would suit you. In the Hollywood body jewelry piercing varieties you can consider barbells, belly button rings, eyebrow barbells, Hollywood body jewelry for the nipples, labrets, captive bead rings, claws, spirals, etc. Barbell body jewelry comes in the form of bar that is straight and has a bead on one end which is commonly used in piercing of the tongue.

Hollywood Body Jewelry

Some of the barbells have beads at both the ends which can be detached. Different kinds of materials like silver, Teflon, gold and materials that are organic and glass are used to make different designs as well as shapes like the serpent, dolphin, flower, skull, frog, etc. Barbells that are straight in shape are used for piercing the eyebrows as well. A barbell is used for navel piercing and later a decorative pendant that dangles is worn after the wound heals well. A delicate area of the eyebrow or the nipple area is also pierced with barbells of different kinds.

Getting the nipple pierced is a dangerous thing and needs a professional for getting the job done. On any of the lips the labret can also be worn and is categorized as Hollywood jewelry for the body. On the eyebrow, naval as well as the ear the captive bead ring can be worn. A horse shaped body jewelry called claw and also spirals can be worn on the lobes of the ear. Earrings have always been common body jewelry preferences. If you do not like the idea of piercing the body then Hollywood body jewelry in non piercing varieties is also available like ear cuffs, clip-on and stick-on earrings, magnetic earrings and spring hoops as well.