The Familiar Appearance of Non-pierced Belly Button Rings

Unlike the ear lobe, the naval does not provide a lover of jewelry with a natural and easy way to clip-on such an item. Therefore, traditional belly button rings were decorative pieces that had a sharp piercing end. The new non-pierced belly button rings lack that particular feature.

Still, those quite untraditional pieces have a rather familiar look. In fact, the people who purchase such items frequently want to “trick” others into thinking that they are looking at someone with a pierced naval region. Therefore, their chosen belly decorations tend to copy the look of the more piercing items.

Non piercing fake belly ring pink jewel

A number of these non-pierced “rings” bear slight resemblance to a circle. They are barbells, items that take the shape of a circle on only a portion of the barbell-decorated stomachs. When not assuming the shape of a circle, a barbell might be described as either spiral or jeweled.

Like the barbells found in pierced naval regions, these spiral and jeweled pieces have a round ball at each end of a curved or spiral shaped rod. Unlike the items in the pierced naval regions, these non-piercing pieces have not become a “permanent fixture” of the wearer’s body. In both cases, the attractive feature of the barbell concerns either its spiraling shape or the shiny jewels that replace the usual round end pieces.

Non piercing navel belly ring

Those people who wear one of the non-pierced belly button rings enjoy the ability to dislodge that item with ease. Therefore, they can remove an everyday piece and replace it with a special occasion ring, barbell or dangle. On Independence Day, when so many people visit the pools and beaches, wearing belly-revealing swimsuits, those with the proper clip on items can attach them to their exposed naval.

Such special occasion items frequently have what some describe as a “top down look.” While a pierced piece generally hangs from something that penetrates the skin, a non-pierced ring can have a reversed pattern. It can have something clip onto a flap of belly skin and then support a special design. That design could well be something that is raised above the indentation that is found on the belly of an average human being.

Introduction of the non-piercing look into the arena of belly-decorating items has not forced the removal of dangles. Those who go after the non-pierced rings do not need to feel content with a non-dangling look. Clips can be designed to hold a line of beads or gemstones. At least some of the non-pierced decorative pieces retain the look that existed before creation of the “top-down” items.

Clip on Belly Ring

Indeed, the impetus behind creation of the non-piercing rings did not concern a desire to alter the look of those naval decorations. Instead, it showed a growing awareness of the degree to which a surgical procedure of any kind can expose the skin to an infectious agent. Replacement of risky piercing with what entails no more than the simple clipping on of unusual jewelry items reduces the chances for development of a nasty infection.