Fake Belly Button Rings – How to Choose a Style

If you have been feeling like your wardrobe or style is in need of a bit of an upgrade, you might want to think about maybe throwing some new jewelry into the mix. It’s not necessary to be as drastic of a change as piercing a new body part, because you can now experience the same look and feel of body jewelry without the holes in your body. Fake belly button rings, for example, are one of the top sellers in jewelry store these days, because they let you look like you have a pierced belly button when you don’t.

This is an ideal way to show off your midsection. Fake belly button rings are available in a wide range of different styles, colors, and materials, so there is bound to be something that suits your style no matter what you are looking for. For those who want as much glamour and attention directed at their belly as possible, crystals, diamonds, or other sparkly gemstones can be a way to get instantly noticed. These may come in dangly rings, or the jewels might be studded directly onto the base.

Another common trend that you might see when you are looking at different types of fake belly button rings is a difference in the shapes of the rings. Some are shaped like horseshoes, while others are more like barbells. The shape of some will flatter smaller bellies, while others can give the illusion of a leaner, toner belly. If you are unsure of how this works, ask your local jewelry consultant for advice. Barbells tend to lengthen the midriff, because they are also long and lean, so you could appear slimmer by putting in this jewelry. That is one thing to think about seriously.

Fake Belly Button Rings

Your personal style or that of the person you are giving fake belly button rings to should also come into play. Some of the most popular materials that these are made out of include gold, silver, and titanium. If you prefer golden tones with the rest of your clothing, then you might want to stick to that here as well. A simple gold hoop is elegant and timeless at the same time, so you will know that it will consistently be in style. Although body jewelry seemed like it might just be a passing fad at one point, most style experts agree that it is definitely here to stay for the long run now.