Do Fake Belly Button Rings Hurt?

One of the hottest trends that you may have noticed at the beach, in the club, or simply walking around town is the belly button ring. Once something that was thought of as more alternative or something for belly dancers, this body jewelry has now been firmly in the mainstream for over a decade, and is seen on some of the hottest bodies in Hollywood as well as on the streets. If you are interested in carrying off this look, but are worried about the pain of piercing, fake belly button rings might be a good solution. Some may wonder do fake belly button rings hurt, however.

Fake Belly Button Ring

The answer will depend on the individual. If you ask someone with a high threshold for pain, “do fake belly button rings hurt?” that person will certainly say not at all. Others may describe it as a slight pinch when you first put it on. With new innovations in the types of materials used, and the level of flexibility that they now allow, most do not hurt at all, and you will in fact forget that you have it on until you start receiving compliments on it.

Because the stomach can be a sensitive area of the body, there are a number of benefits to leaving it alone instead of piercing it. Belly button rings and piercings can possible lead to infections or irritation unless you are extremely careful with them, including daily cleanings with an antibacterial type of material. If you don’t have time for this, then the fake versions are a far easier solution. To make sure that you have an answer to do fake belly button rings hurt, you should try pinching your belly button area slightly, and see if this is something that bothers you.

Most people would say that the feeling of having a fake belly button ring, or any other type of body jewelry along these lines in, is similar to slight pressure, nothing more. That way, if you are wondering do fake belly button rings hurt, you shouldn’t worry too much about this. The good thing about fake navel rings is that they are temporary, and if the pressure is bothering you after a certain amount of time, you can simply take it out and maybe adjust the settings. They are available in a wide range of different types and styles, to make sure that there is truly something for everyone.