Dangling Belly Rings are Dangerous

Most people know a bit about fashion. This is the case because everybody wears clothes at some point. Some people who have a working knowledge of fashion might know of some fashion designers, such as Michael Kors, and Zac Posen. In any event, people know what they like to wear on a daily basis. This is due to the fact that they get dressed for work and for play everyday. In addition, some men and women enjoy accessorizing their outfits for daytime and evening. Therefore, they might wear professional rings and earrings to the office.

Dangling Belly Rings

Then, they might choose to wear a flashier pair of earrings and diamond rings out on the town at night. Moreover, some jewelry lovers might be adventurous by wearing a belly ring at night. This is because they could believe that wearing a belly ring isn’t a correct daytime look. It is important to understand that belly rings are a cool fashion and jewelry trend; however, dangling belly rings are dangerous. Let’s discuss navel piercing or belly button piercing.

It is important for educational purposes to know and understand that navel piercing and belly button piercing is the same thing. It is also advisable to know and to understand that a navel or belly button piercing is a type of body piercing. Moreover, this type of body piercing might heal quickly and with no problem, like an ear piercing. However, this type of body piercing might heal like a surface piercing that will take a longer time to heal.

The healing time for a navel piercing usually takes less than six months. In addition, as long as it is cleaned, the piecing will heal nicely. It might be interesting to note that the actual navel isn’t pierced when a navel piercing is done. Did you know that the most common form of navel piercing is through the upper rim of the navel? Another interesting tidbit about navel or belly button piercing is that a true navel piercing requires the person being pierced to have an “outie” navel to some degree. This is a rare. Did you also know that there is an urban legend about belly button piercing? The urban legend claims that an infection in a true navel piercing can travel inward toward the liver. However, there are no known cases of that happening. It could be the case that this urban legend has made some people think that dangling belly rings are dangerous.

Did you also know that navel belly button piercing is well known and very popular with both men and women? It might also be good to know that popular culture has played a large part in both the popularity and the promotion of navel or belly button piercing. Models and actresses have had their navels pierced. This bit of information might show that dangling belly rings aren’t so dangerous. It is easy to conceal a navel piercing, even during the healing process. However, it is important to keep the navel piercing and the area around it clean. This is how dangling belly rings aren’t so dangerous.