Photo Italian Charms

Often do face a peculiar problem in our life, and that is regarding the proper selection of the gift. Though there happens to be the presence of several options, but from time to time we get confused which one to select! Now are you also facing the same situation? Are you having problems choosing the perfect gift for a friend for his or her 30th birthday party? Well, there is the presence of one kind of gift is wonderful and practically suitable for everybody. It is called the photo Italian charms. Do not get confused with any type of white or black magic charms. The photo Italian charms is a kind of handmade jewelry that originates from Italy, and nowadays photos are also applied to make it look more trendy…

Italian Charm Bracelet with Saints
The photo Italian charms appear as elegant, aristocratic and also convenient, in the most perfect manner. How can they be used? If you intend to have the photo Italian charms, you will find that you on your won are able to handle all the necessary aspects. Not only can you assemble the charms yourself and rearrange them whenever you feel like it, it also comes in variety of designs to gratify the growing aspirations of the clientele. Due to their availability in a great number of designs, if you ever buy, you will find that from the next moment you will be considered to have made a classy and timeless choice to express yourself. Read More »

The Familiar Appearance of Non-pierced Belly Button Rings

Unlike the ear lobe, the naval does not provide a lover of jewelry with a natural and easy way to clip-on such an item. Therefore, traditional belly button rings were decorative pieces that had a sharp piercing end. The new non-pierced belly button rings lack that particular feature.

Still, those quite untraditional pieces have a rather familiar look. In fact, the people who purchase such items frequently want to “trick” others into thinking that they are looking at someone with a pierced naval region. Therefore, their chosen belly decorations tend to copy the look of the more piercing items.

Non piercing fake belly ring pink jewel

A number of these non-pierced “rings” bear slight resemblance to a circle. They are barbells, items that take the shape of a circle on only a portion of the barbell-decorated stomachs. When not assuming the shape of a circle, a barbell might be described as either spiral or jeweled.

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Non-pierced Navel Jewelry By Carrie Fleharty

Trendy jewelry can be non-piercing, and very decorative. Most of us think about non-piercings as rings, clasp earrings, ear clip, a toe ring, a bracelet, chokers, necklaces, tie clasps, cuff links and other similar types of jewelry. We don’t often know that non-pierced navel jewelry is available. Yes, it is, and it’s quite fun. Just like the naval piercings, the non-pierced navel jewelry is equally fun, decorative and trendy. These pieces of non-pierced navel jewelry can be personalized, and individualized with your favorite gemstones, crystals, and other charms.

 Non-Pierced Trendy Jewelry

Navel jewelry is very popular and has been since the 1990s. For those of you who are unsure about what naval jewelry looks and feels like, then this non-pierced navel jewelry is the next best thing. You get the look and feel of navel jewelry without the trouble and the pain. The varieties and styles are just as diverse as their counterparts. The cost is inexpensive and your curiosity is solved.

Non-Pierced Earrings

The navel is usually pierced, but for those individuals who do not want to worry or feel the pain of having the belly button pierced available is a clip-on style. The clip works much like a clasp earring, but a little less bulky. Some of the non-pierced Navel Jewelry is glued onto the belly button. Both ways are equally popular, and they each have many designs for your individualistic style.

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Fake Navel Rings Are a Form of Expression

Everybody likes to express themselves in some manner. Some people like to write poetry and some people like to cook and bake. In addition, some people enjoy piercing their bodies as a form of expression. Many women and men have their ears pierced at least once. Some people have their ears pierced multiple times. Plus, many people enjoy pierced more than their ears. Many people enjoy piercing their tongue, nope, and navel. Navel piercing is thought to be sexy. In fact, many women like to wear navel rings with their bikinis in the summertime when they go to the beach or the pool. Since navel piercing might hurt a bit, some people who have a low pain tolerance or don’t care for guns or needles, may want a fake navel ring. Rest assured that it is okay to have a fake navel ring. This is because fake navel rings are a form of expression.

Clip-on Belly Button Rings

Did you know that navel piercing is one of the most popular body piercing today? Popular culture has played a large role in the promotion of this piercing. This type of piercing has been done by models in fashion shows and actresses in music videos. Did you know that both fake navel rings and real navel rings can be easily concealed under clothing? This fact has contributed to the widespread adoption of this piercing. In addition, if people do get authentic navel rings then, the navel rings can be hidden during the long healing process. It could be the case that both authentic navel rings and fake navel rings are popular with teenage girls between the ages of 12 and 15. However, navel piercing seems to be popular with women of all ages.

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Dangling Belly Rings are Dangerous

Most people know a bit about fashion. This is the case because everybody wears clothes at some point. Some people who have a working knowledge of fashion might know of some fashion designers, such as Michael Kors, and Zac Posen. In any event, people know what they like to wear on a daily basis. This is due to the fact that they get dressed for work and for play everyday. In addition, some men and women enjoy accessorizing their outfits for daytime and evening. Therefore, they might wear professional rings and earrings to the office.

Dangling Belly Rings

Then, they might choose to wear a flashier pair of earrings and diamond rings out on the town at night. Moreover, some jewelry lovers might be adventurous by wearing a belly ring at night. This is because they could believe that wearing a belly ring isn’t a correct daytime look. It is important to understand that belly rings are a cool fashion and jewelry trend; however, dangling belly rings are dangerous. Let’s discuss navel piercing or belly button piercing.

It is important for educational purposes to know and understand that navel piercing and belly button piercing is the same thing. It is also advisable to know and to understand that a navel or belly button piercing is a type of body piercing. Moreover, this type of body piercing might heal quickly and with no problem, like an ear piercing. However, this type of body piercing might heal like a surface piercing that will take a longer time to heal.

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Where Can You Buy Fake Belly Button Rings?

If you are ready to drive or walk to a brick and mortar store that sells novelty items, then you should soon discover one answer to the question, “Where can you buy fake belly button rings?” Both novelty shops and businesses that offer “bobbles” frequently have these make believe accessories in stock.

However, if you should decide to purchase something from a retailer who sells novelties or “bobbles,” then you should avoid buying a piece with a large clip. Such a clip could bruise the skin, especially if it is a spiral type of clip. Besides, a ring with a smaller clip always looks more stylish.

If you prefer to shop online for some great looking non-piercing belly button rings, then you might start by entering the phrase “illusion fake naval jewelry” in a search engine. That clue should lead you to an extensive collection of rings in assorted colors. This site has a ring that can fit any naval. In addition, it posts some important information – only FDA certified colors have been used in the dye used to color each ring.

If you fail to find something that suits you in the collection produced by entering the term “illusion fake naval jewelry” then you do not have to give up hope for finding the perfect accessory. You can uncover even more possibilities by using another clue. Place the phrase “fake piercings” in your search engine.

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Tattoo Aftercare – Care for a New Tattoo

Hopefully, the process of getting a tattoo was done with great care for both your health and the outcome of your new tattoo. Once you leave the studio, your tattoo care should be just as careful. The healing process is important to ensure that the tattoo looks great throughout your life and ages gracefully. A new tattoo is basically an open wound that needs to be cared for carefully to avoid infection. A large tattoo is especially at risk for infection because it is a large wound. Proper healing can take some time, but it pays off in the end.

Tattoo Care Products

The bandaging put in place by your tattoo artist should be left on for a minimum of two hours and up to overnight. Sometimes the bandage or your clothing will stick to the new tattoo. Do not pull it off. Gently rinse it until it comes loose.

If you do pull it, you will be removing newly healed skin that could protect the tattoo from becoming infected. Once the bandage is removed, gently wash the area with soap and water. It doesn’t need to be re-bandaged but will benefit from air and correct moisturizing. Excellent tattoo care ensures that your tattoo is beautiful for a long time.

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Stretch Toe Rings – Versatile Options for Your Pedicured Pals

If you have never looked at stretch toe rings, you are missing out on some key ingredients to your jewelry box. While your feet may be stifled in sneakers and closed toe pumps all day, there are times when you have to let them out in public. When that happens, you might as well give them the start treatment they have been longing for. Toe rings are subtle pieces of foot jewelry that can make a big difference in the way you look to other people. Use them to your advantage when you can.

Stretch Toe Rings

The reason that stretch toe rings in particular are so great is because you can wear them on any toe of your choosing. If you feel like decking out your pinky toe one day, you can tighten the ring to do so. If you want the middle one to get some attention the next time, you can stretch it out to accommodate for the change in size.

This also holds true if your toes get bloated as the stretching abilities will give you a chance to put them on even when your toes are a little bigger than normal. One simple investment can go a long way in your jewelry wearing days.

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Non-pierced Body Jewelry – Decorations for Pregnant Women

During pregnancy, as the body is constantly changing, it can be difficult to keep up with it. Your clothes will stop fitting properly, and you may be unsure as to what you are allowed to show, or what should be hidden. If you are proud of your growing belly, as many women now are, you can flaunt it with belly button rings. However, if you have never been pierced before, pregnancy is not the time to start. Your immune system is weakened during this time, so a piercing that becomes infected might lead to serious complications. Non-pierced body jewelry is a good alternative.

Non-Pierced Nipple Rings

With a fake belly button ring in place, you can still experience the same show stopping benefits that you would from a regular piercing. These are now available in a full range of different styles, colors, and materials, including precious gems and even diamonds. You could wear these for a photo shoot that documents your time in pregnancy, which is a fun side project many women undertake.

Non-Pierced rings

You could also wear non-pierced body jewelry for a night out on the town, when you feel like cutting loose but still showing off your pregnancy.

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Hollywood Body Jewelry

Since ancient times, men as well as women in different cultures have been wearing jewelry of different kinds on their bodies. Hollywood body jewelry has been gaining immense popularity in the recent times and people all around the world are catching upon one the latest trend that includes piercing the body. Hollywood jewelry is available online which has been especially designed for piercing as well as non piercing needs. Few years back only few parts of the body were pierced like the nose and ears especially.

Hollywood Body Piercing Jewelry

However in the recent times other parts of the body that were not pierced earlier are being pierced in the name of fashion as well as style. Depending upon the part of the body that needs a jewelry piece accordingly designs are becoming more innovative these days. The silversmiths as well as the goldsmiths commonly designed rings or studs earlier but in the recent times the rings and studs come in shapes that are very diverse in nature. Precious metals like silver, gold and platinum were popularly used the making of jewelry for the body before; today stainless steel and copper are also used.

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